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Guide to Free Save Talks and Videos from TED with iFun

The common wish for TED users is to download all the talks and videos to watch them offline and replay them as they like. Although TED has provided the option for downloading, the problems are that not all videos can be downloaded due to the copyright relating issues, sometimes the downloading takes too long and the videos can’t be shared without net connection. iFun Downloader can help you solve all those problems, with iFun, you can save all TED Talks regardless of copyright problems, fast download multiple videos within seconds and share them to friends without net connection or data usage.

4 Steps to Easily Download TED Talks to Android:

You can fast download TED videos through TED app’s share function with iFun, below is how:

1. Click here: iFun Downloader APK to install iFun to your phone.
2. Choose the talk you want to save in TED app then press the share icon under the video.
3. Select iFun icon in the pop out menu and it will jump to iFun automatically.
4. Press the Download button after iFun analyzed the video out to save the video.

Wait for a few seconds, then you will find that the talk has been downloaded to your Android. By now, you can share them to your friends with no net connection or data usage and watch them as you like.

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TED is the perfect place for you to enlarge knowledge, get enlightenment and know the latest discoveries in science, high-tech, economy, human society. Besides TED official websites and applications, some of you may be get used to watch TED videos from YouTube, there are may TED’s channels, like TED, TEDx Talks, TED-Ed, TED Fellow, TED institute and so on, you have to subscribe them but can’t download the videos for YouTube’s prohibition, but don’t worry, you can also download TED YouTube videos contents by using iFun. If you are interested please check the guide: Download YouTube Video with iFun Downloader. It is also easy to operate.

For any questions, please contact Or you can also follow us on iFun Facebook Fan Page. For a quick fix, please provide detailed information about your phone model, problem screen-shots and videos.

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