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How to Download YouTube Video with iFun Downloader?

YouTube allows users to watch and view videos on their website or app, but many users want to download or save the videos from YouTube to watch later so that they can watch their favorite videos without internet connection anywhere and anytime.

iFun Downloader can help you to download YouTube videos for free, please follow the instruction below.

1 Install and Launch iFun Downloader (Available on Android)

Go to iFun Downloader official website to install the app on your Android phone. This app has been verified security, and you can install it on your mobile phone safely. Please open your iFun Downloader after your installation.

2 Copy or Share Video URL from YouTube

Download video from YouTube website

If you want to download video from YouTube website Please copy the video link and return iFun. Click the search bar, you will find the link you just copied is pasted automatically under the bar. Click the link and iFun will analyze it. The only thing you need to do is to click “Download” to start YouTube video download.

Download video from YouTube app

If you want to download video from YouTube app, please share the video from YouTube. And select iFun Downloader icon from the popup window. You will find the video you want to download is on your iFun Downloader. Click the "Download” button under the video to start YouTube video download.

If you are the subscriber of YouTube Premium, you can enjoy the feature of YouTube download. If you don’t have YouTube Premium, you can use iFun Downloader for downloading YouTube videos for free.

Additionally, if you want to download YouTube video on your PC, you can use online downloader of YouTube video directly.

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